It’s time to

think differently. 

The Moon Vibes Planner is the simplest step you can take toward living in alignment with the universe, because it’s designed to bridge the gap between the traditional calendar and a new way of thinking.

Plan your days with intention, and watch yourself grow with new awareness through each moon cycle.

The Moon Vibes Planner is almost ready!!! We’re currently putting the finishing touches on content and design, as well as setting up the printing process. In the meantime, you can click the button above to pre-order your planner for $50 ($30 + $20 shipping) through MeWe&Us 🙂


Each moon cycle is an opportunity to learn and grow into an awesome new understanding of your Self. The cycles and phases of the moon are simple to understand, and practicing this new awareness will change your life.

That’s why we created the Moon Vibes Planner, to guide you through the unique dynamics of each of 2021’s twelve transformational moon cycles. We can’t wait to share this information with you!

  • View each Moon Week in a clean and simple format


  • Celebrate each phase of the moon with detailed information


  • Understand today’s relationship with the bigger picture of the entire year
  • Soak up supporting information about the cycles of time


  • Understand new concepts that compliment each moon cycle’s unique illumination


  • Connect your personal dynamics with our customized tools