Overview – Application of Creativity

As a person whose underlying life structure is Values through Application, you develop self-respect and self-worth by applying creativity to everyday experiences and relationships through your own ideas and values.

The Life Objective of Values involves establishing your own values based on what is truly important and precious to you, building a sense of self-worth and an inner respect and understanding of who you are. You are learning how to develop principles that you can live by, make you feel good about your Self, and provide a solid path to follow. Your innate understanding of how to consciously circulate money will bring you wealth. As a master builder, following a logical step by step process in all endeavors ensures that you use your resources efficiently and effectively, and empowers you and builds your self-esteem.


Clean Slate

You have a unique innate ability and opportunity to discover what is in the deepest level of your Soul. Consciously discover what is important to you. What values give you a grounded sense of being, confidence, and the ability to face the world without anxiety? Develop principles that you can live by, make you feel good about your Self, give you a sense of your own self-worth, and provide a solid path to follow.



Once you have a clear sense of direction, you have an amazing amount of discipline to help you stay on track. Using your feelings as your guide, “Does this make me feel good about my Self?”, will help you make decisions along the way. Whether you feel comfortable or anxious about something is a good reference for establishing the correct direction. The pathways that validate your principles will give you a sense of self-esteem and help you succeed.



You have a talent for accumulating money. Once you tap into your intuition of how money works and you use money to build, you will become wealthy. Resentment comes from believing you should have an easier life which does not involve financial responsibility. A steady job, a stable income, a savings account, and financial plans for the future create a secure financial base that allows you to take risks in other areas and instills a feeling of ease and confidence about life. Inheritance and being financially dependent on another undermine the development of your selfworth. You are learning to respect money and to use it wisely in ways which cause it to multiply. 




Turn the spotlight around. Instead of empowering others, empower yourself. Realize and accept that your own power is within you and is substantial. Claiming your power 2 involves understanding your own inherent value. Who you are is a gift to the planet. Allowing others to determine your self-worth is a roller coaster. Knowing your own sense of self-worth is constant in a world of shifting opinions. What project or direction gives you energy? What do you want to build? Once you answer these questions, feed yourself the support and encouragement, which you give to others, to achieve these things.

Wasting Energy

You are learning not to waste energy. This includes energy in the form of time, money, and personal talents. Use your resources consciously. Spending time focused on filling your own needs keeps you from diverting your energy and develops self-assurance.

Fear of Failure

You may be unwilling to give one hundred percent of your Self due to the fear of failure, which could undermine your sense of self-worth. Giving one hundred percent makes you feel good about your Self because you know you have done your best even if you do not attain your goal. Situations that are “all or nothing” will force you to get in touch with the depth of your own power and create tremendous self-worth. Do things that allow your power to come forth naturally. Do not avoid challenging situations. Walking through difficult times and experiencing a positive outcome is very beneficial.


Do not equate wealth with debt. You are a master builder and that requires establishing step by step processes. Jumping into a project before a plan, direction, and step by step process have been established does not work for you. Respect money and do not be careless in thinking that the “Universe” will see your project through. Accepting responsibility for earning and budgeting will allow you to easily accrue the kind of wealth which will allow you to spend without worry. When you do accumulate wealth, always be respectful and conscious of how you are handling it.



Larger Picture

You may become overwhelmed by the big picture of your goals. Have the willingness to do the work and do not worry whether you are worthy of the goal. Worth comes from actually doing the work and formulating a practical plan. It takes self-reflection and soul searching to determine the goal and incorporate your self-established values and ethics. Inner comfort is your barometer for direction and alignment. You are learning how to earn your own success. After you have established your goal and plan according to your own worth, others will be able to support you, empower you, and help you reach your goal. Accept help when it is freely offered.


Step by Step Process

You are a master builder. Create a strategy and take the time to work out each solid step. Do not jump into things and move faster than feels comfortable. The results will last forever. It is Important to clarify your purpose and remain on track. Pick a project that makes you secure and happy. You are learning how to earn your own success. Do not rely on the help of others but learn to accept it when freely offered.


Spiritual Path

You need values and ethics to live by and a step by step pathway to walk to achieve serenity. Avoid adopting others’ philosophical theories. Instead, practically apply spiritual principles that resonate with you on a daily basis. Following a path of doing the right thing according to what feels morally right to you builds a solid sense of self-worth. Shame or guilt is a 3 sign to re-evaluate your behavior. Regardless of the opinions of society, you know what makes you feel good about your Self. Follow your own internal guidance system.



Pursue activities for which you get paid. Earning money helps build your self-esteem. Accept responsibility for taking care of your own finances. Blind faith in the “Universe” regarding the handling of money avoids taking responsibility for creating a secure financial base. Writing things down and keeping track of what you are spending and where your money is going is empowering. It allows you to channel your money in meaningful directions.



Acknowledge your inner neediness and take personal responsibility for fulfilling those needs. Forgiveness of others is as important as taking care of your own needs. It demonstrates truth and honesty in relationships. Bring your subconscious guilt and self-defeating behaviors into your awareness and release them. Nurturing comes from Mother Earth, empowering you and allowing you to connect directly with her energy and absorb it in a healing and reenergizing way.



Consciously evoke the feeling of appreciation. You have overactive feelings of desire and the antidote is appreciation for what you already have.

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