Overview – Experiencing Self-Discovery

As a person whose underlying life structure is Partnership through Experiencing, you partner with others and learn teamwork by personal discovery and experiences of your Higher Self through your actions and behavior.

The Life Objective of Partnership involves learning the art of partnering with another and the essential qualities of teamwork: communication, patience, trust, and interdependence. Your strong sense of Self empowers others to be and do more than they would on their own and teaches them to become a warrior like your Self. Vulnerability is key to connecting with another and experiencing intimacy. Sharing your feelings and fears allows others to be themselves which creates deeper connections and more authentic relationships.



Natural Peacemaker

Peacemaking and justice are the effects of your strong self-confidence. You clearly see and successfully communicate the identity and concerns of others and your strong sense of Self allows you to successfully support others. Harmony is established through the objective understanding of another’s position, which also helps you find personal balance, peace, and happiness.


You have an incredible ability to empower others to be warriors like your Self and can see in the individuals of a group where each person needs confidence. You see the deficiencies in others which highlight where they need encouragement. You are an invaluable and beloved part of a team.


Validation of Others’ Identities

Your ability to validate others’ identities with confidence allows others to believe in themselves. This transplants courage to others and gives them the initiative to do things they would never have attempted by themselves. The ability to be objective and without selfish motive is essential in this process.



You have innate honesty, courage, and directness which promotes and increases self-discovery. Making mistakes, learning, and growing are part of being human and are essential for self-discovery.



Release the fear of checking in with a partner. The unending search for independence and achievement will not make you feel complete. You need to risk 2 your own interests in supporting another person. Unselfishly supporting someone else allows you to experience of the joy and glory of your own true Self. Experience an expanded identity by approaching goals with a partner.


You are learning to appreciate how others are different from you and you are finding the beauty in individual differences; everyone is not like you. Validate others for just being themselves. Appreciate the strengths others bring to relationships. You have definitions of strength that could be expanded. Your definition of strength includes courage, intense effort, sacrifice, deprivation, 100% goal orientation, immediate results, discipline, impulsive initiative, high energy modes, and personal risk. Additional characteristics of strength include process awareness, communication, empathy, playfulness, analytical abilities, adventure, managerial skills, creativity and inventiveness, and the capacity for compassion.



Who you are, and what you are, is counter to your projected self-image, which results in a fear of intimacy. Intimacy promotes growth and allows you to bond with others in an authentic way. Resisting intimacy makes you unapproachable and inaccessible. Satisfaction comes from connecting with people who see you for what you are, appreciate you, and want to give back to you.

Self Obsession

You are overly concerned with your Self, self-sufficiency, and self preservation. You can overcome this by setting an intention to listen to others which ultimately brings internal social harmony.

Projection of Identity

You project your own identity onto others and then attempt to relate to others according to your own identity. Overcoming this requires stepping into others’ shoes which allows you to gain unexpected growth through learning others’ identities. Expand your own value system by discovering others’ standards and rules. You become a peacemaker by creating and establishing harmony through objective understanding of another’s position. Finding resolutions “together” creates win/win situations.


Trust and Teamwork

You take on and want to manage jobs on your own without the help of others. Patience, communication, and a feeling of interdependence is essential in successful teamwork. You must trust that others are capable of doing their part and successfully contributing to reaching the shared goal. Allow the other person to gain a sense of power in the situation.


Thinking before Speaking

Discover the value of being a true diplomat by “thinking before speaking”. You are learning how to express your impulses appropriately by weighing what you want to say, and the actions you are considering taking, against their effect on others.



You desire to be your own person, be the center of attention, discover your Self through experiencing different life situations, and surround yourself with people who feed you energy. You can only achieve this by refocusing your attention away from your Self and discovering the nature of those brought to you.


You fear checking in with a partner. Communicating instead of forcing your way will develop diplomacy which creates tremendous affection on both sides. You may feel awkward about cooperation and relating to others. Your higher dynamic is to reconnect to others, not to go it alone. The opportunities to reconnect with others will come easily. Your fear of dependence is based on the inappropriate belief that others may consume your energy. It is a challenge for you to accept gifts from others, however, you are ultimately learning to give and receive.


Self-Consciousness and Judgment

You dwell on your own perceived negative qualities. This prevents others from getting close to you. You are unable to receive what others are trying to give to you, however, you cannot get close to them without receiving. By being your Self and changing your focus to supporting and healing others, you will relieve your own personal self-consciousness.


Desire to Win

You thrive on the challenge of personal survival under adverse conditions. Temper issues stem from wanting to always win. Put the goal of the relationship ahead of your own impulse toward conquest and winning. This requires humility and the acknowledgment that you are not totally self-sufficient.



Making swift decisions without consulting others creates isolation. Including others can establish an expanded sense of your own Soul. By loving another person as much as your Self, you love your Self.


You are learning that there is great strength in vulnerability and allowing others to experience you. Develop a capacity to be vulnerable; be sensitive to others and share your feelings and fears. Assumptions, intolerance, and judgment hinder you in finding your own vulnerability. You will find your own vulnerability in others through compassion with similar past experiences.


Creativity and Freedom

 You value organization in your environment and life. You may believe you are the center of the world and nothing can touch you. This attitude may work for you but not for everyone. Allow freedom and creativity into your life and go with the flow rather than forcing issues into resolution and imposing your assertiveness on others and the world.

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