Overview – Experiencing Higher Knowledge (Wisdom)

As a person whose underlying life structure is Knowledge through Experiencing, you convey and share Truth to others and the world by sharing your experiences of higher knowledge and wisdom through your relationships and interactions.

The Life Objective of Knowledge involves learning to use your natural capacity as a channeler of Truth. To accept, receive, and use, as your source of guidance and truth, the wisdom and knowledge available to you from your Guides and Higher Consciousness.



Access to Truth

You have an irrational knowing based on an intuitive feeling about Truth. The underlying truth in any situation is always the key to change, renewed growth, and greater vitality. You have access to the underlying truth in all relationships and experiences.

Open Mind

 You have a complex and open mind. The open aspect of your mind is beneficial in allowing you to be open to unconventional ideas received from your inner knowledge (your subconscious).


You are strongly motivated to help others, which is purposeful and allows you to share your inner knowledge and become a channel. You can handle a lot of information and multi-task. You are the wheel that makes things run smoothly for everyone else. When you deeply serve others through your own expression of Higher Consciousness, you provide an example for them.

Relationship with Higher Consciousness

Your feelings, and messages of words and impressions, which come through your relationship with Higher Consciousness, combined with your natural mental fluidity, can boost others to a new creative way of viewing life.



The complex aspect of your mind hinders you from realizing and using the simplicity of your knowing.



You question and doubt your conclusions and you become paralyzed in making decisions.


You are successful when you trust your inner knowledge, rather than your intellect and logic.


Pleasing Others

You are very concerned about others’ responses to your decisions and actions and you may try to please everyone by ignoring and repressing your inner knowledge.




You need to act from your center of truth no matter the consequences. Stick with your initial feeling about things and base your actions according to your inner knowing. Others will support 2 you and give you strength once you begin using your inner knowledge as your source of guidance and Truth.


Keep your ego (source of second-guessing) out of the way.



Your intention must be pure to access your inner knowledge.



Integrity is a challenge because you like to get your way through being nice to others and saying what you know they want to hear. Always be true to your word. Speaking with love, honesty, and caring creates receptivity in the other person, which empowers both persons to be themselves and promotes greater intimacy.



Discernment of others is very important when determining how to speak another person’s language. You can feel the other person’s intentions by listening to your inner knowing.


Become knowledgeable of the dynamics of Consciousness and abide by and cooperate with them, rather than resisting them.

Daily Life

Infusing truth into your daily life is a challenge. As you learn, you teach. Taking this leap of faith adds more adventure to your life.


You are learning the finer aspects of impulsiveness and spontaneity and how to discriminate between them. Impulsiveness is an obsession in which your mind goes into overdrive. It is associated with fears. Impulsiveness compels you to “do” something to regain your peace of mind. Spontaneity is the absence of obsession. You act freely without fear or thinking. You are aligned with Truth, which is truth in the moment, with no fear, ego involvement, or conscious motivation or agenda. Your intention is most important. It determines your results. Your intention drives you and there is no hidden agenda.


This is not a “do-it-yourself lifetime”. Instead of being worried about what others think, think about how Higher Consciousness is trying to help you and align you to your Truth.



Following your sense of adventure and intuitive knowing is a spiritual path. Spiritual alignment comes from integrity, determination, and commitment. By walking the spiritual path, trusting and following the principles of Truth, and committing to honesty in your daily life, the whole world yields to you and you attract those things that bring you peace and joy.

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