Overview – Learning Higher Knowledge (Wisdom)

As a person whose underlying life structure is Freedom through Learning, you align with Higher Consciousness by learning higher knowledge and wisdom through your relationships and interactions.

The Life Objective of Freedom involves trusting your connection with Higher Consciousness and your experiences of intuition and knowing. Your job is to bring the experience of the spiritual reality to the planet, which you can only do through an awareness of its presence in your own life. By being absorbed in the spiritual atmosphere, you are able to communicate that reality to others through your own quiet joy.


Spiritual Power

You are immersed in an atmospheric field of magical spiritual power, you are simply unaware of it. The Freedom Lesson is the easiest of all the lessons. You must let go of making it difficult. “Let go and let Higher Consciousness.” What is “real” to others (the tangible physical world) is not destined to be your reality. Your job is to bring the experience of the spiritual reality to the planet, and you can only do that through an awareness of its presence in your own life. By being absorbed in the spiritual atmosphere, you are able to communicate that reality to others through your own quiet joy.


What do you intend to create with your life? Make wish lists and write down what you would like to manifest. This places you in touch with your intentions and allows you to make your dreams a reality. Avoid being overly rigid and scheduled. You must allow space for your vision of the bigger picture. You are learning to discriminate between what is important in terms of your larger values and vision, and what is a temporary upset that will soon pass. If you put aside your analytical mindset and involvement in hectic activity, and allow your Self to be and pursue your dreams, they will manifest.

Higher Consciousness

You have the gift of intuition. You are able to see the future and you must trust and use this gift. This requires time and solitude to process what you are receiving from Higher Consciousness. Analyzing what you receive will cause distortion. You must have patience and wait to understand each circumstance and instance of guidance.



Speak your mind in a loving manner and be open to the flow of words in the moment. This is guidance from Higher Consciousness flowing through you, and what you say will be appropriate and accurate. Do not censor. When you detach from your perceived role, you are really sharing and teaching. The best way to demonstrate the Spiritual principles you value is to let the Infinite within you respond naturally.



You have a misperception that you need to purify your personality to allow Higher Consciousness to flow and for you to experience transformation. Alignment with Higher Consciousness clarifies the Self and allows transformation to happen.


You feel you are inadequate to handle confrontations, so you postpone action. You experience mental anguish before taking action due to your obsessive worry of what others will say and how they will respond. You complicate things in your mind, making it difficult to recognize successful confrontations and learn from previous experiences. Resolve mental anguish and worry by rising above and recognizing that Higher Consciousness is in charge. This brings certain situations into your awareness as opportunities to learn and allows for expansion and growth. Take action without being attached to the outcome. You will know what to do next; each step points out the next step. Thinking, analyzing, and second guessing will not make life easier. You must rely on Higher Consciousness to see you through each day. Life is not supposed to be one anxiety after another. Your responsibility is simply to take care of each step as it unfolds.



Allow chaos to dissolve old structures so that you can move into a new realm of experience. It may feel like the Self is dying because that is the only Self you have known. Transitioning allows a new, more expanded Self to emerge.


Greet all change with this verbal affirmation: “No matter what happens the Universe loves me, and this will work out to my advantage.” This affirmation will profoundly change your viewpoint and relieve your fears. Be thankful for every situation that comes your way, no matter how the situation appears. All situations have learning potential; the situation itself works miracles. You will have the most potential for a blissful life if you focus on the spiritual reality behind the world of tangible appearances.



Change your focus from worrying about how you fit in with others, to how you fit with yourself. Growth and change result from detaching from your emotional state, rising above it, and observing it. Watch yourself without judgment, objectively. Your need to satisfy other people is damaging to the Self.


The Unknown

You know on a deep level that you are heading towards and need to move into the unknown. Your comfort zone revolves around organization and form, and new experiences may be frightening for you and met with initial resistance. Confusion and fear about the role you are to play, what is expected, and your belief that there are certain definitions of your role, can be relieved by understanding “the unknown has no definitions.” The reason you dread the unknown is the result of a negative experience of being surprised in the past. From this, you are leery and afraid of what you cannot yet see. Do not try to control or analyze; it hinders you from seeing the bigger picture. Become aware of the peripheral. Step back from the here and now and gain a broader view of life as it unfolds around you. Aligning your Self with Higher Consciousness and moving into the unknown allows clarity and focus to emerge and be part of your everyday experiences.


Scenic Route

You want to create a predictable life. What you really need is to live more consciously, so you must take a more scenic route. Be careful not to fall back on the safe structure you have created, and which has become your comfort zone.


Solitude and reflection are a must. Set aside time (at least 40 min) to do “nothing” each day. Nothing means no external stimuli (television, phone, radio, etc). Wait for new revelations and listen to whatever speaks to you in developing a more conscious way of living (yoga, journaling, breathing techniques, meditation etc.). Get in touch with the larger vision of your life. This builds a sense of taking responsibility for your life; what do you want to create? It also allows you to tune into relationships and family life and adds dimension. Be conscious of what you are choosing to fill your time. Solitude is the key.

Spiritual Path

The purpose of this Lesson is to find a spiritual path that helps you release your overemphasis on the tangible. You must allow your sense and experience of Higher Consciousness to permeate every facet of your life. Be able to go with the flow of life and let others direct you. Trust your inner peace as guidance. When you try to make things happen, you are off the path. You are learning to connect with a newfound confidence in your ability to handle day-to-day situations.


Trust the Universe and you will no longer be afraid of change. Realize that everyone and everything is sent to you as part of the plan. When you trust the flow, the right people come into your life, the right changes happen, you can feel the positive energy, and you can see the larger picture. When you look for the good and only the good, your feelings of inadequacy are transformed into feelings of ease and quiet power.


Divine Perfection

You are ready to experience a higher realization of your own perfection by trusting Higher Consciousness; it is the embracing of the perfection of things as they are. Let go of self-defeating patterns. You sabotage yourself by trying to make things perfect and in accordance to your own ideals.



Be conscious and learn to objectively observe yourself without judgment. You are learning acceptance and compassion. Your job is to suspend judgment. When you cease criticizing others, you will cease being hard on yourself. This opens the way to tranquility. Judgments inhibit removing your own barriers and truly combining with others in love. Thoughts about others are really your own fears about your Self. Viewing others in Love and Light and consciously thinking positive loving thoughts about others will change your relationship with your Self. Imperfection teaches humility, everyone is doing the best they can. This awareness makes it easier to love yourself. Suspending judgment of others and Self allows you to experience a total state of compassion with the Universe.

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