Overview – Understanding Self-Discovery

As a person whose underlying life structure is Emotion through Understanding, you express emotional vulnerability by experiencing and understanding your Higher Self through your actions and behavior.

The Life Objective of Emotion involves revealing your inner processes and feelings, giving others permission to know how they feel. Emotional honesty and vulnerability establish tremendous inner integrity. Your feeling nature is purified, with no hidden agenda, and your emotions are innocent and a natural response. You also pick up on the feelings of those around you, so that when you risk verbalizing your feelings, everyone is released from emotional inhibition. Sharing feelings is an exquisite and exhilarating experience, and the nurturing and delicate feelings you experience from your emotional Self are the true reward of being human.




You have very strong feelings and they demand recognition. Revealing your inner processes and feelings gives others permission to know how they feel. This establishes tremendous integrity.


Attaining Goals

You have a great awareness of how to accomplish goals and insight into resolving problems. Your purpose is to teach others how to attain goals. You notice when others are subconsciously sabotaging themselves, indulging in counterproductive behavior, or allowing themselves to be distracted by lesser concerns. You use innate practicality to help make others’ dreams come true, identify their goals, and encourage them to “go for it”. When you shift from a dictator role to a nurturing role, you reach people far more effectively and they are more understanding and supportive. Your confidence brings out the best in others. When you take on the role of understanding teacher, teach by demonstration, and cheer others on, you are learning patience and others will listen to you.


Worldly Achievement

You must be true to your Self and maintain a preoccupation with the process rather than the goal. Sacrificing the process to the goal leads to lack of energy, vitality, and personal enjoyment. You are spiritually correct whether or not what you are doing is understood, validated, or respected by others. Overcome the difficulty and be vulnerable. By being vulnerable, you gain self-respect regardless of others’ opinions and that fosters new inner strength and brings calm courage in dealing with worldly life. Maintain integrity in your process. What you accomplish will be emotionally satisfying far beyond your expectations.


Emotional Vulnerability

Your feeling nature is purified with no hidden agenda and you pick up on the feelings of those around you. Your emotions are innocent and a natural response. When you express yourself others will sigh with relief. This is the reason it is important to share your feelings in a responsible way. When you risk verbalizing your feelings, everyone is released from emotional inhibition.



You attempt to be “on top of things” by subconsciously denying your feelings, which may come across as cold or businesslike. Blocking, ignoring or acting directly against your feelings may be automatic and therefore requires reprogramming your Self. Slow down and listen to your Self and deliberately retrain your Self. Take enough time to let feelings come and then communicate them. Do not be pressed into communicating feelings immediately. Patience is key. People around you will magically support your new behavior because it stimulates others and brings intimacy to your relationships, creating true intimacy rather than shallow, long-term connections.

Fear of Weakness

You may incorrectly perceive feelings as weakness. Feelings simply reflect reactions within the body. Feelings are the experience of instinct and intuition and are a sound source of guidance and truth. Emotional responses promote unity in your interactions with others and are an accurate prophecy of times to come. Listening to your feelings may illicit the fear that you are not in control. Do not let fear limit you. Confirm what you are feeling and perceiving and trust that your instincts are correct. It is good for you to show your emotions publicly. It is positive and healing for others. Showing feelings is endearing to others and often heals the situation for all concerned.

Over Achiever

You are extremely goal oriented and focus on achieving one goal after another without experiencing the joy of the process. No matter how much you attain, you feel no satisfaction. You postpone appreciation of the moment and the abundance around you and are only concerned with achieving the next goal. You will not find happiness through reaching goals; the process is more important. Pay more attention to beginnings, nurturing things and seeing things grow.


Slow down and reap the nurturing reward of having a human body and the experience of feelings. You may be disconnected from recognizing the advantages of being human and may not feel part of the human race. The nurturing and delicate feelings you experience from your emotional Self is the true reward of being human. Outer experiences are empty without the inner emotional charge that results from it. Sharing feelings is the most exquisite and exhilarating of experiences. When you dissociate from your feelings, you miss the contentment and sense of belonging which is inherent in recognizing, claiming, and experiencing an emotional connectedness with humankind. You have earned the right to claim the benefits and pleasures of being part of the human family.




You have a natural instinct for achievement. Making your goal the honest disclosure of your feelings, fears, and vulnerabilities may be your largest challenge. You are learning this in order to create deeper bonds of empathy with others which is a responsible, nonjudgmental way of communication. You may feel you have to be the strong one; the one that others rely upon for help. Annoyance and resentment are the result of feeling that there is no one for you to turn to for advice in time of need. You are learning to communicate with others in ways that are comforting and supportive, to give people the benefit of the doubt, and to acknowledge when you need others.


Accepting Help

Be cautious of ego trips which make you feel separate from others. Allow yourself to accept and appreciate help with thankfulness and love. Interdependence is not a form of weakness. It promotes a sense of belonging and adds depth to your life. When you do not reveal your insecurities, you deprive others of their opportunity to support you and give back to you, missing a healthy experience of humility and exchange of energy, which can be empowering for all concerned. Accepting help may cause uneasiness resulting from the idea that you are not being completely responsible. Allowing others to help you validates the worth of the other which changes the world view for both parties.


Ends Versus Means

The end does not justify the means. You must be very aware of inadvertently abusing, exploiting, or hurting people emotionally while focusing on achieving your goal. You are learning that if you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves. The little things include the honest communication of feelings, an awareness of others’ feelings, an emotional connection with the situation, and proceeding one step at a time in a caring way.



Distinguish between your own goals and those imposed by society or early environmental conditioning. Your goals will make you happy if you focus on the process.



Learn to appreciate what life has already brought to you. You may tend to seek satisfaction in the next thing rather than appreciate what you have. Appreciation provides energy for further achievement in a balanced way.


Emotional Connectedness

Focus on achieving emotional connectedness and intimacy. Slow down your process and keep your awareness on your Self and the other person. Maintain awareness of the importance of feelings as part of the fullness of life. Shifting the center of energy in your body from your head to your heart/abdomen will resolve your sense of a lack of inner substance and will maintain an awareness of the power center within. Your sense of value will become an internal, quiet factor that is sustaining, nurturing, and complete within your Self, regardless of others’ opinions. Centering your awareness opens your heart.


Comforting Others

You may feel uncomfortable with negative emotions and find it challenging to comfort others. Suppressing or ignoring feelings, which may be your first response, is counterproductive. The appropriate response, which allows you to empathize, is to validate what the other is feeling and acknowledge the emotion that is being expressed. When you experience the appropriate response, it establishes a bond and supports the relationship. You will learn an entirely new way of responding to the emotional frustrations of others.

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