Overview – Understanding Higher Knowledge (Wisdom)

As a person whose underlying life structure is Discipline through Understanding, you create order and structure in your life by understanding and assimilating higher knowledge and wisdom through your relationships and interactions.

The Life Objective of Discipline involves creating order and structure by participating in the physical world with the intention of aligning it to Truth. This involves developing confidence from the process of looking within, to discover the outer structures you need to give you, and the world, strength and purpose. You have the innate ability to solve problems in situations of chaos and neglect. Your sense of safety and strength are established through the process of organizing your life, as well as the world.




You have a natural ability to restore order in situations of chaos.

Personal Change

You have a natural understanding of psychology on a very deep and healing level. This empowers you to change your Self. When you work on your Self, you are energized, happy, and productive, and provide an example for others to follow.

Inspiring Confidence

Developing your generosity breaks you out of your shell. This gives others an example of order and the confidence that comes from seeing that there is structure in the world.


You are capable of accomplishing in one hour what it would take the average person five hours to complete. You have an abundance of talent, but you must sooth your psychological state so that you can fully participate in the world.



You have a tendency toward helplessness and reliance on large organizations for your survival.


Searching for a Savior

You have an unending search for a savior or mentor whom you can blindly trust and surrender to.

Internal Surrender

Internal surrender will not make the external world orderly and productive. Too much inner focus will cause confusion and inner conflict.


Spiritual Security

You would like to be lost in the security blanket of your own personal connection with the universe. You desire to “let go” into something larger than your Self which will support you and give you an expanded Identity. This is a profound desire, but you must also take into consideration the here and now, and the details of everyday life.



Physical order promotes psychological order. Simple practical tasks of organization and cleaning and can be very therapeutic. Having a pet forces routine and the opportunity to learn the balance between unconditional love and discipline. What is required to care for a pet can be applied to others and teach you how to have happy, healthy human relationships.



You are learning self-sufficiency which establishes inner wholeness (a total person), confidence to create healthy, mutually empowering relationships, and vulnerability in a balanced way. Relying on someone else for your sense of wellbeing can easily become a complete surrender of your power. You can rely on others as long as you do not fall apart when others do not meet your expectations.


Routines are absolutely essential for keeping your life in order and avoiding the feeling that your life is dissolving. This requires facing limitless fears and feelings of insecurity and personally taking charge and structuring your time so that your needs can be met in every area.


You are learning to rewire your own internal mechanisms so that your interactions with others produce happier, more productive results.


You must actively participate in life. Once you begin to participate and learn what leads to successful results, you will gain the confidence you seek to go into the world and be productive.



Use your healing energies while being of service in practical ways. You have an insatiable need to experience peace and oneness through your own personal connection with the Universe. To achieve this, you must go into the world and be of service to Higher Consciousness by sharing this connection with others. Shift your focus from your own fears and focus instead on the here and now. Access your natural ability to restore order in situations of chaos.

Objective Perspective

Build self-confidence through the assistance of an objective perspective. Your underlying feelings of helplessness, constant vulnerability, and 3 free-floating anxiety can be relieved by determining their cause, which can be effectively presented by an outside source: friend, counselor, or spouse



You must take what may seem to be enormous risks to gain the confidence that comes from actively participating in life.



Your natural affinity for adoration and devotion can lead to victimization. Your challenge is to be realistic about “who people actually are” and accept that their characteristics may not change no matter how much you believe in them


Unfocused Mindset

You have an unfocused mindset which is easily affected by your diet and exercise. You are extremely sensitive and easily affected by different foods and should moderate your diet accordingly. Eat foods that help you feel grounded, solid, and confident. Avoid things that make you feel “spacey.” Sugar, for example, may cause anxiety or lack of focus. You have an intolerance for alcohol and drugs and must avoid overindulgence in them. A regular exercise program that promotes strength and agility will help your self-confidence blossom. Taking charge with a regular exercise routine will bring positive repercussions which will reinforce your emotional, mental, and spiritual power as well as your physical energy.



When your environment is neat and orderly, you feel stronger and more confident in your ability to create order in the world outside your Self.



Staying on top of the details of your life creates inner security which is essential for you to operate with confidence and ease in the world.



Planning allows you to focus your mental energy and gain a sense of orderly participation and strength in the material world. Physically writing out lists, and the pros and cons of issues, will help you to recognize the right path.



Being on time increases your level of confidence. Tardiness invokes guilt, feelings of being “less- than” others, and insecurity which may cause you to feel off balance all day. You are accustomed to living in a state of timelessness in your consciousness, so you must deliberately plan when to leave in order to get to your destination on time. You are very easily distracted, and you must be consciously attentive to being on time. Avoid the other extreme of being obsessively early. Balance is the key.

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