Overview – Application of Higher Knowledge (Wisdom)

As a person whose underlying life structure is Communication through Application, you share the energy of Truth with others by applying higher knowledge and wisdom to everyday experiences through your relationships and interactions.

The Life Objective of Communication involves learning how to share your inner experiences of Truth while staying connected to society and others. It requires learning to hear the messages you need to receive, and delivering the messages you are meant to pass on, by developing mental agility and using logic, social graces, and tact. This requires you to discriminate between the different functions of the mind and emphasize that aspect which promotes factual, logical orientation.



You are here to circulate the energy of Truth throughout society. When you are unable to spark Truth in another, it is because you are not listening to what that person is really saying.



You want to achieve a higher level of interaction with others and expand beyond where either you or they could have gone alone. Only through really communicating with others can new, expanded ideas and resolutions become apparent.



You have the capacity to create true communication with everyone you meet by listening to everyday individuals. Those for whom you have a message will be presented to you.



Education is very beneficial. You are like a hard disk on a computer, hungry for information. Reading gives you different perspectives and a reference on a variety of subjects to use in discussions with others and strengthens your confidence in your ability to relate to others.



You are a talented writer. You clarify your thoughts in a simple way and communicate far beyond words. You experience integration through the process of writing on a regular basis: journaling, books, and articles. Writing grounds you in a confident and stable way, calms inner restlessness, and allows you to experience inner peace by releasing tension and anxiety. Writing about problems and 2 experiences focuses your subconscious. Answers come to you on the page. This process is therapeutic and helps you to resolve conflict.



You are the very best of Orators. You are able to discern the difference between what is being stated and what is actually going on. Your job is to share the Truth of the factual circumstances you see, bringing situations into alignment. Always be conscious of using a validating way of communication; acknowledge that you have heard what the other person has said and respond positively to validate the other’s response. The other will then be open to hear what you have to say.



Decisions based only on intuition create isolation. Decisions based on logic in combination with intuition and inner knowing promote unity.


Formal education is good and helps you to avoid being stuck in your own “Truth”. You enjoy acquiring new knowledge/new information and it helps you to see the big picture. It is a way for you to find out how society thinks, create structure, and be exposed to various points of view.


If you become stagnate, you will receive external wake-up calls. Always be consciously open to change. Choose to change and go where your intuition is pointing. Be willing to move through life. New situations motivate you and put you into the flow of life.


Be careful of being more intent on the message than on the effect of your words. By rushing to accomplish your purpose, you may lack awareness of the delicate feelings of those around you.



Accurately perceive the other’s position, match words and timing to connect on their level, and translate Truth so that they can hear it. Be aware of your judgment of who is “worthy” of your patience. Everyone is worthy.



It is easy for you to misunderstand situations and be quick to feel rejection in neutral situations.



You are learning the value of applying logic to daily situations and making decisions from a logical base. Logic is soothing, provides a sequential process in which you are able to work things out, and allows you to maneuver effectively through society. Factual information connects you to the practical aspect of your Self and restores inner peace. Gathering information gives you a warm, reassuring inner feeling of Truth.



When you experience miscommunication with another, trust that you have a message for that person.



You are learning to gently, tactfully, lovingly, diplomatically, humorously, and sociably teach others in a manner that is tactful and non-threatening. Avoid making others defensive. Your tone of voice and delivery may sound like preaching and your delivery may be offensive.



Seeking advice may provide information which is totally different from what you expect, however, may be what you need to hear. It allows you to see things from different angles and opens you to new insights.


Multiple Perspectives

Different environments and new situations teach you things about your Self and force the questions: Who am I? What do I believe? New situations give you a chance to learn and see how things work from other points of view.



You are learning to listen carefully to others and that Truth lies behind words. Letting go of your own Truth will allow you to automatically tune into another’s belief system and spontaneously say words which will shift the perspective and bring a fresh recognition of Truth to both parties.


Teacher vs. Philosopher

Changing your perspective from philosopher to teacher will change your entire experience of sharing Truth. It becomes an experience of joy. By assisting others in discovering their own Truth, you will experience harmony and share the warmth of the presence of Truth. Allow others to think freely; do not try to guide the other to a conclusion identical to your own. It is important to know the difference between a true question and a rhetorical question. A true question solicits an answer which is in harmony with the other person’s own Truth. A rhetorical question maneuvers the other person into reaching a certain pre-established conclusion. True questions and logic are gifts you bring to help others find higher levels of awareness.


Social Graces

You are learning how to fit into society, the value of human relations, and the importance of maintaining goodwill in your daily interactions with others. Treating others gently can open doors to honest, self-revealing communication in which you feel soul to soul connection. When you reveal your intimate Self, it opens an entirely new level of communication. You are learning about society and how people get their way in a manner that evokes the support of others. Learning social graces will empower you to live in society and gain its benefits.


Connecting with Others

A true question is an invaluable tool in honestly seeking to understand what another person is thinking. In answering a true question, they may stumble onto their own Truth. The right way of communicating automatically becomes clear when your motive is to connect, and your focus is on listening and asking questions. Your connection with others does not have to include deep conversations; small talk can bring about feelings of connection. Remain open to 4 connecting with others. The connection will happen when you naturally trust Higher Consciousness and allow the movement of energy between two people. Do not fear when another asks you a question, it is a chance to share your Truth and allow Higher Consciousness to speak through you.


Releasing Control

Your goal is to take a chance, release control, and ask questions about other’s lives. Learn to give up control and allow others to control the conversation. Let what you say come naturally and your real Self will emerge in a positive way.


Being Human

You are learning about your Self and about what it means to be human. Experiencing your Self in different situations allows an understanding of how human nature grows. Your life experiences teach you about your Self. As you understand your Self more deeply and recognize the contradictions that are a part of the human experience, you accept the different facets of your own nature. That opens the way to understanding and accepting the contradictions in others. From this you are welcomed back into the family of humankind.

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