Overview – Experiencing Creativity

As a person whose underlying life structure is Attachment through Experiencing, you release attachments of materialism and excessive activity by inspired experiences of creativity through your ideas and values.

The Life Objective of Attachment involves exercising the humility to let go and let grace (through others) operate in your life. When you link creativity and power with others, it enhances your self-worth in a way that energizes you and makes you feel free. Become aware of receiving through giving and you will get back an energy that enriches, and promotes growth. To experience a true sense of freedom you must remain open to new ideas, let others add expertise, and avoid being limited by your attachment to your own creations and rigid value system.




You have a talent for offering encouragement, enthusiasm, and support which heals and makes others’ lives easier. Others can sense a soul mate and a source of strength. They respond with love, appreciation, and gratitude.


You receive money, energy, ideas, etc., and need to release what you are holding and empty yourself to make room to receive these gifts and the benefits of others’ energies. This applies to all areas of your life. Self-imposed bondage allows the ego to cut you off from recognizing the opportunities and gifts that life brings to you. If you only value what you obtain from your own hard work, you are not open to grace. Only grace can take you beyond your own rigidity. Exercise the humility to let go and let grace (through others) operate in your life.


You are an expert at uncovering the hidden desires and drives of others. You have an inherent confidence in your own ability to get tasks done and in teaching others to value themselves. Avoid telling others how to do things. You know your own talents and powers, but not those of others.

Psychological Awareness

You are naturally attuned to the worries and longings of others. You would make a good psychologist. When you free your mind of the prejudice of your own values, you have an incredible ability to enter the mindset of another person and understand their motives, needs, and values. You must tune into others’ motivations to avoid being taken advantage of. Be aware of what people pretend to be and see them for what they really are.



Focus on empowering others and you will be guided as to what to say and do. This gives others the confidence to succeed. Helping others achieve instills feelings of achievement in you and increases your self-confidence. When you link creativity and power with others, it enhances your self-worth in a way that energizes you and makes you feel free.



Control Self-centeredness. Too much focus on the Self can inhibit communication with others. Your motive of establishing a deeper understanding with others promotes trust. Your understanding of your Self comes from relinquishing your own position and submerging your Self in another’s position without judgment. You are learning that you need others and that it is empowering to connect with the vibrational fields of others. Your assessment of people involves the process of experiencing and acknowledging positive and negative vibrations, beyond your intellectual/factual observations.



You conclude that what works for you will work for others and assume others’ ways are incorrect. Adapt what you know to the other’s value system so that you can help them win. Help them create a new plan that works for them.

Extreme Thinking

You tend to think in extremes. When you try to relate to others, you must let go of your own values. You love to be a people pleaser. You relate to others as “me/you” but must learn to relate to others as “what’s best for us”. Your challenge is to share the power of appreciation and respect from the motive of mutual empowerment and reciprocity.



Embrace the energy of change. You have difficulty breaking out of ruts and may get stuck in situations which are not satisfying. Excitement motivates you and you must have self-discipline to follow through and stay on the path of change. It feeds you energy. Let go of factors that are holding you back. Ruts seem comfortable and familiar but hinder you from getting enough out of life or having the experiences you want. Discomfort and dissatisfaction prod you to change and broaden your horizons. Change requires self-discipline to do the work to make changes. Thoroughness is a limitation in change but not in building. Building is a step by step process but change is rapid, intense motion. Discard the old and go in a new direction. Choose quick results over perfection and keep moving.



Catch the wave of change even though you may lose control temporarily and feel fearful. Stay on the wave and it will take you to shore. For you, it is better to discard too much rather than too little; making changes is most important. 



It is best for you to run your problems by others for feedback. You may resist implementing others’ suggestions. Developing self-discipline instead of seeking immediate gratification is the practical approach that works best for you. Become comfortable with accepting fresh ideas and energy from others. You will gain the benefits of others’ experiences, rather than having to learn everything on your own. It takes humility to validate the worth of other people.



You may not be honest about your own needs and may pretend that everything is under control. Allow others to see your situation, accept their offers of help, and make your life easier. You learn from supporting others and learn the value of empowerment in return. Graciously accept support from others. Become aware of receiving through giving and you will get back an energy that enriches and promotes growth.


You have a strong sense of Self and you are surprised when others do not. Your challenge is to successfully empower your partners or those in other close relationships. The partners you choose may not have an inherent strong sense of Self and they may not be motivated from within. Avoid the belief that “I have to do everything myself”. This makes your partner feel 3 powerless and left out of the creative process. Take time to get more deeply in touch with your partner.

Narrow Mindedness

You are inherently motivated by money and comfort and you assume everyone else is also. Money and comfort are a few of the many dynamics of our human experience. Be open to other aspects of your life and how they may be motivating factors for others.


Changing directions is a challenge for you. Your intense focus of energy on a goal makes it hard for you to turn around or see when you are on the wrong path. You may be focused only on the goal and not realize you have trampled on someone. Synthesis is letting go of your own plan to take in others’ suggestions. Train yourself to focus on the shared objective. Learn how to combine several ideas to bring about maximum success for everyone. You are learning the art of synergy; that the people involved are more important than the goal. Retraining your Self takes practice. It is better for you to pursue projects and pathways that emanate from a presence outside of your rigid, conditioned value system.



You have difficulty in finding a balance in your life and are materially oriented with too much density around you. When you are bound to the physical world, you spend too much time manipulating matter and forget the spiritual aspect of your human experience. Release your attachment to the material plane. Lighten up and you will travel more easily through life. Question your established lifestyle. What do you really want to experience in this lifetime? How do you put your material affairs in order to allow you to be free to explore new horizons? Counseling or a friend’s input will bring an objective perspective to your situation. Avoid lines of action or thinking that may bog you down. When you are less attached to worldly things, you are free to soar in the spiritual realms and enjoy psychological/astral connections with others. Combining your energy with others allows you to detach yourself from the strictly physical. Let others add expertise. Remain open to new ideas. Avoid being limited by your attachment to your own creations. This allows you to experience a true sense of freedom.

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