Understanding Your Self as More Than Merely Physical

What you perceive as physical form is essentially energy on a foundational level. The energy that creates your body has certain characteristics and qualities that structure the type of life you experience, the dynamics of your relationships, and how you interface with others and the world.

Your Bean Potential
At MeWe&Us, we call ourselves human “beans” rather than human “beings” because we are pure potential; we are each like a seed. From your inherent potential, you unfold a life that incorporates your free will and creates a unique story.

Your bean potential is made up of your unique personal dynamics. You can discover your personal dynamics by generating your MeWe&Us Quick Start Guide or for more detail, your full Human Bean Owner’s Guide.

The Aspects of Your Consciousness

Life Objective

Your Life Objective is the lesson you are learning throughout your lifetime.


Your Identity is the foundational dynamics or expression that influences the way you unfold and learn your Life Objective.

Life Rhythm

Your Life Rhythm is the bigger picture of how your life unfolds in cycles and phases, including where you are in the present moment.


Your Focus is the underlying structure of the reality you create and experience.

Super Power

Your Super Power is the inherent ability that assists you in fulfilling your Focus and creating your reality.


Your Nature is the underlying structural interface you use to interact with others and participate in the world.


Your Personality is your expression that gives dimension and characteristics to your Nature.