Uncharted Wilderness!     
What activities are coming into your mind today?… Skydiving, climbing mountains, exploring uncharted wilderness, sailing, rock climbing, relocating to another country, starting a new lifestyle? This is more than daydreaming! This is you experiencing an expanded version of your Self in an imaginative way. Today, take time to allow your Self to daydream and write on a sticky note or small paper the impulsive impressions that come into your imagination. Post what you have written in a place where you can see it all the time (refrigerator, desk, etc.) Allow these musings to be seen and assimilate into your reality. Jupiter and Uranus are a powerful pair: Imagination, freedom, flashes of insight! As Jupiter expands and flexes your mental structure, Uranus begins to break it apart so that what you have only considered as your imaginative thoughts now have room to move in and take hold in your consciousness. Your imagination has the power to create a new version of you… go for it!