Vibrational Awareness!   
How are you feeling? Stop reading this, close your eyes and bring your awareness to how you feel right now. Do you feel emotionally charged and vibrating a little higher than usual? The expansiveness of your imaginative experiences from yesterday are now being emotionally processed today. How you feel today is extremely instrumental in developing your new Self-expression for this moon cycle. You are feeling the affects of opening your Self up to the expansiveness of the collective unconscious and it is being brought into your awareness. How do you make the most of today? Embrace these higher vibrational sensations, do not resist them or do things to dumb them down… like alcohol, tv, drugs, excessive activity. Let your Self truly feel what it is like to be ramped up to the next level vibrationally and try to acclimate to it. It may feel like you are unraveling or flying away. Rest assured… you are grounded.