A Big Moon Hug!
Let’s give the Moon a big hug today and thank her for her generosity and reflective insights during this moon cycle. What an amazing adventure this has been! The larger Self-expression of the Summer Solstice has gently been brought forth during this moon cycle through relationships, feelings, and emotions. Time to reflect and review on your experiences. If this were a class, you would review each moon week as though it is a chapter in a text book. Bringing into your awareness what you have learned during this moon cycle will enhance your learning potentials for the next moon cycle. Today, take a rest day. Slow down and just be. Allow any remaining reflective thoughts to surface with acceptance. When you feel ready, gently close this text book of the Moon’s Trust. Sharpen your pencil, get out a clean piece of paper, and get ready for the Sun’s Trust class to begin. It’s an amazing learning adventure that never ends… regeneration at its finest!

  the Sun