It’s all good!
Reflection and Awareness are the theme for this double whammy of a Moon day. You may experience some extra random thoughts today and may ask your Self repeatedly: “Why am I thinking about this now? Where are these thoughts coming from?” Your random reflective thoughts are part of the cycle and are instrumental in a good way. Be aware of your thoughts and what they may be nudging you took look at. This is a time when you are being nudged to face and process some basic issues in your life that your new Self-expression is stirring up. The best way to work with these reflective thoughts is to allow them their presence in your awareness, and to look at what they are showing you. That is all.’ Don’t get lost in them or overly analyze them. The rest of this moon week will support you in your next steps. The mantra for today is… Be, and let be. It’s all good! 

  the Moon