Happy 1st Quarter!
Sometimes you may sit endlessly in thought and reflection, which is good and also not so good. There comes the time, though, when all those thoughts and reflections need to be expressed as some type of action or activity. Otherwise they swirl, and swirl, and swirl, without fulfilling their potentials. All your thoughts and reflections have some potential for learning and unfolding a greater insight about your Self. The 1st Quarter moon is the time when things happen that nudge you into bringing some of those thoughts and reflections into your conscious activity. You may feel an array of feelings when this happens depending on what thoughts and reflections you are bringing into activity. Today, ease your Self into this next moon week and take time today to pamper your Self with Self-care and Self-compassion. What is one thing you really like to do with your Self? Make sure that happens today… you’ll may be surprised how great you feel!

  the Moon