Happy New Moon!
Welcome the Moon for hosting this moon cycle which will heighten our awareness of rhythms, patterns, emotions, and feelings, and learning to trust those qualities within our Selves. Today is a new beginning, but first Give Mercury a big hug and a wave goodbye. Hold in your mind gratitude for the amazing experiences of this last moon cycle. Looking forward, what may you do to regroup and begin this new moon cycle on the right foot? Organize and clean up certain personal spaces? Reflect on your new intentions that are aligned with this new moon cycle? Bring your new awareness of your deeper spiritual guidance into this moon cycle? Take time to bring your awareness to the vibration of this moon cycle and what you are feeling today. Encourage the process of the new seeds of potential to be planted in your consciousness by finding your new desk in this Moon classroom, pull out a clean piece of paper and  your sharpened pencil, and open your text book… its another amazing moon cycle adventure!

  the Moon