Expanding your Knowledge!  
How did it go yesterday with your feelings and being fully present with Venus? Did she show you how to go deeper with your feelings and explore a new depth? Today, Saturn is present to bring understanding to your experiences of yesterday. What you feel is your ultimate Truth and Saturn assists you with the learning potentials of that Truth. When Venus and Saturn come together it is a profound union where you can grasp the significance of humanness. Experience, especially your feelings, are the learning potential in all situations and relationships, and bringing those learning potentials into a cohesive understanding is personal growth.

What are you supposed to learn? Holding that question in mind today will initiate the process of assimilating your feeling experiences into knowledge. This is the adventure moon week, so the process of assimilation with most likely involve some type of event or activity today. Whatever activities are on your agenda today, or what is spontaneously presented to you may be the perfect catalyst for working with Saturn. Be open to your learning potentials and expand your knowledge!