Have a Great Time!  
It’s party day! Today, Mars and Mercury join Venus… oh my! The combo of Mars and Mercury brings forth Awakening Conscious Activity with the Link of Spirit and Mind and then we throw in Venus’s aspect of feelings. What a day of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Heart all coming together during this moon week of Adventure. Whatever activities you have planned for today may be very dimensional and involve all those aspects of your Self.

Patience is key today and be aware and careful to not overwhelm your Self with too many and overly intense activities. Be aware of when to quit and process what you have experienced and then go on. Later today, you may need to take a much needed break and check in with your feelings; see where you are with Venus and what she has to show you. Bringing your awareness to your feelings today will assist you with the learning objectives. Adventure is truly the theme of today… internally as well as externally! Have a great time!

  Mars & Mercury