Reflection and Awareness are the key words for today. The Moon joins Venus again, for the third day in a row, to slow you down and turn you around. This is your opportunity to start this moon cycle on the right foot. Mars brought you out externally and now Venus is bringing you back in, internally to your feelings. There is quite a contrast to being externally focused compared to internally focused and that is what you are bringing into your awareness. What does it take for you to slow down and transition, and how does that feel? What you experience externally is meant to be processed internally as feelings and that is how you learn more about your Self.

Today is the day to surrender to the Moon and this process of moving your awareness within. Allow your Self to relax, maybe do some yoga, sit in stillness and silence for a while, have some quiet time. Reflect on how you feel and open your Awareness to how it feels to be you… explore who you are. 

  the Moon