Smell the flowers!   
The Moon is joining Venus for three days at the start of this moon cycle. During these days, you have the opportunity to take some deeper steps of Reflection and Awareness. Who are you after the last moon cycle of Mars and Awakening your Conscious Activity? How do you feel? Do you feel different in any way? Can you feel the difference between the Mars and Venus vibrations? Venus is always inquiring about how you feel as an understanding of you Self and how those feelings inform you about others.

Take time today to look in the mirror and assimilate what you feel. After all the activity of Mars, you may feel a little funky with slowing down, becoming reflective, and bringing your feelings into your awareness. That’s ok. Enjoy the process of winding down, take some deep breaths, and relax. Be conscious when you may be forcing the Mars activity as a pattern or habit beyond its time. Get off your bike… It’s time to smell the flowers!

  the Moon