Happy New Moon!   
Welcome Venus! Venus is all about feelings and expanding your awareness of your feelings. As you do this, you are opening your heart which goes beyond your own sense of Self, and involves your relationships with others. What relationships are present in your life now? How do you feel about those relationships? Remember the intense aspects of Mars and activities last moon cycle? Well, get ready for the same intensity only this time with Venus and relationships! Venus loves to set up scenarios where you may be nudged further into a relationship or you may need to back off and set boundaries. All with the intention to learn a balance that provides the most potential learning objectives.

To get started, Venus has an assignment: get out your notebook and make a list of all your relationships… no one is an exception. You may write your feelings now, as this moon cycle begins, of how you feel with each person. And then, at the end of the moon cycle, see what has happened with those relationships. How funny… Venus has you jumping in with an exercise at the beginning of the moon cycle! This moon cycle has the potential for emotional rollercoasters, so awareness is key. Open your heart, feel your feelings, and stay aware of the learning objectives. Can you feel the learning potential! Your feelings are already opening up!

  the Moon