Wow! This is the last day of this most exciting moon cycle with Mars. What a wild ride we have been on with spontaneity and Awakening Conscious Activity! If you were in school, this would be the day you review the chapters in your text book and reflect on what you have learned. If you had to imagine the text book that went with this moon cycle, what would it look like or be? Can you describe the chapters and exercises that you experienced?

The Sun is fully present today to assist you with assimilating your experiences and new understanding of your Self into your Consciousness. Imagine a plant absorbing the Sun’s energy, illumination, and processing it into the necessary nutrients that sustain its next cycle of growth. That is your Consciousness today! The Sun is illuminating aspects of your Consciousness, releasing what is no longer productive, and creating a rich new structure to use for the next moon cycle. Can you feel the synthesis happening? You are refining your understanding of your Self. High-five Mars for all the fun during this moon cycle! Thank you Mars! (Hugs are pretty intense with Mars… I really recommend the high-five)

  the Sun