The Perfect Balance…  
Say hello to Saturn! It’s going to be a fun filled day of learning. Put your thinking cap on. Mars and Saturn are quite a duo in the last moon week of re-orientation and release. Awakening Conscious Activity and Self-compassion have been this moon cycle theme. Saturn would like to connect all the learning aspects and bring you to a very defined focus of understanding.

How have you experienced your active expression this moon cycle? Have you been nudged to do more, or have you been nudged to do less? Are you listening to your body and what it is telling you in the moment. When you don’t feel well, are you taking it easy or pushing your Self to keep up with others? There is a beautiful balance of active expression that is unique for you and this is what Mars is bringing into your awareness this moon cycle. Your active expression has many forms… activities, socializing, verbally expressing your Self to others, extreme independence, etc.

Conscious activity is the awareness that “what” you do has and educational aspect to it. When you push the envelop past the educational aspect, you become overly active without purpose. Or if you become too inactive, you are not seizing your educational potentials. It works both ways. Get your favorite drink, find a comfy spot and listen to what Saturn has to show you… there is always more to learn!