Happy 3rd Quarter!
It’s the start of the 3rd Quarter moon week. Re-orientation is the key word for today. It’s a double whammy of Mars, and Mercury is fully present for a great day of processing and restructuring your mind and beliefs. Your experiences during this moon cycle are the catalyst for bringing a deeper understanding of your Self in a more active way. You have become more awake and mindful of your active expression with others and interfacing with the world.

How does our new Self expression integrate with your mind and beliefs? Are there things that need to be released to fully incorporate it into your Self? What things are you choosing to “do” that are no longer fulfilling? These are the questions that Mars and Mercury will help you with today. Take time to reflect and inquire, and you may be pleasantly surprised with your new insights. Allow this restructuring process to happen even though you may feel slightly uncomfortable or anxious at times. You are growing!

  Mars & Mercury