How are you feeling today? What has the first part of this Full Moon week been like for you? Have you socialized a lot? With many friends? Did you participate in larger group activities where you were around more people such as a museum, going out to eat, or just hanging out with friends? This moon week is the most social moon week of the entire year. Mars is awakening us to our relationships with the help of Venus and Saturn.

Today, Venus and Saturn join Mars with assisting you in the process of embodying your more active Self-expression through your relationships. Venus helps you open your heart and feel your new Self-expression and Saturn takes that “feeling” and refines it into your consciousness in a educational way. Through the feeling of your new Self-expression, you are learning about your Self. In other words, there’s a party going on! And your are smack dab in the middle of it! Let loose, open your heart, and have some fun!

  Venus & Saturn