New Experiences!   
It’s the 1st Quarter moon week where those concepts and ideas from the last moon week will be birthed into your reality in some active way. Today we have Mercury joining a double whammy of Mars influence which will start this week off with a Bang! What do you have planned for today? Anything new and unusual? Mars is spontaneous in an instinctual way, so open your Self up to things popping up that may surprise you. Your reality may change in subtle or even radically ways this week. Be open and flexible and definitely “go with the flow” as best as you can! Mercury adds the Link between Spirit and Mind with Mars’s activity. You may experience some fun insights and connections with your new experiences today. Check in every now and then with your thoughts and any repeated thoughts you may be having. Spirit is coming through to open your awareness to your new growth. It’s time for wild new adventures… do something radical!

  Mars & Mercury