What if… 
What new ideas and concepts have been presented to you so far this moon week? Have you taken action with some of these Ideas and concepts? Are there some that you can only imagine? Imagination and Vision are the key words for today. Jupiter joins Mars today for a fun filled day of pure play! Remember when you were a child and you laid in the grass daydreaming about all sorts of things? Then all of a sudden you would jump up and dive into some fun adventure.

Jupiter is present to open up your imagination and will be working with Mars to bring those imaginative images into experience. What is it that you can only imagine your Self doing? Take time today to loosen your focus and let your imagination run wild. What comes to mind? Allow your Self to just enjoy the day without an agenda and just move from one activity to another as you are prompted by your imaginative thoughts. Free your mind. Finish this thought in as many ways as possible: “What if I ________ “. You may be surprised how Jupiter helps you fill in the blank!