Spiritual Awareness!
Mercury joins Mars today to assist you with the Link between Spirit and Mind. Mars brings Spiritual spontaneity to your thoughts and to what you are holding in mind. Are you aware of what you are you holding in mind? What are you thinking about? What keeps popping into your mind? Take note on what thought or thoughts are prevalent today and the Spiritual significance of those thoughts.

The spontaneous experiences of yesterday have planted seeds as ideas and concepts which are opening up your mind to the spiritual aspect of your Self. When you are spontaneous, you are opening your Self up to spiritual guidance rather than preconceived planning. Spontaneity is guidance that leads to new experiences which opens your mind and expands your awareness of the Spiritual aspect of your Self, ultimately your guidance. Today is the day to acknowledge your expanded awareness about the Spiritual aspect of your Self. That awareness is in your reoccurring thoughts. Look at your thoughts… its a day of new Spiritual awareness!