BIG New Seeds!
Mars is a double whammy today and will be planting seeds, BIG Mars seeds, in your Consciousness as ideas and concepts that will awaken you to new activities. Mars wants you to “experience”! It is only through experiences that you learn more about your Self. Be especially aware of your desires today. What keeps coming to mind that you would like to do? Or what you no longer like to do? What activities have run there course and are no longer inspiring to you?

Big new Mars seeds germinating within your Consciousness will bring a new awareness to old activities that no longer have learning potential. Let them go. Release them so that you may feel the “new” germinating within you. Shake things up a bit today. Rearrange your daily activities in a different order than you previously decided. See what happens! Mars is all about spontaneity. Surprise your Self and allow your Self some room to explore instant urges. Take action, jump a little higher, run a little faster, turn left instead of right, make a big splash in the mud puddle, roll in the grass… surprise your Self!