Look in the Mirror! 
Today is the third day of the Moon joining Mars in this New Moon week. Why so many days of the Moon? It is to actively awaken your conscious awareness through Reflection. Who are you? Look in the mirror! Sometimes you may become complacent and settle into a comfortable perception of your Self that dulls your senses. Who are you? Look in the mirror! Get out of that complacency recliner, step up to the mirror, and take a good hard look at your Self. What do you see when you look in the mirror? What is reflected back to you?

The Moon assists you with a deeper awareness of your Self from a objective perspective where you have stepped away from your experience of your Self, and you are witnessing your Self. The mirror is like taking a time out in the basketball game of your life and watching from the sideline for a while to get a broader perspective of you, the players, and game. This gives you an advantage when the coach puts you back in the game and you resume your position. What does your reflection show you on a larger scale about your lifestyle and reality? What are you choosing to “do” with your life?… Stand at the mirror a little longer today… look a little deeper!

the Moon