Just do it! 
The Moon is joining Mars today for Reflection and Awareness. Reflection and Awareness of your conscious activity. What are you choosing to do today? Conscious activity is the “doing” part of your day. As you do, you are experiencing. As you experience through doing, you are learning about your Self. When you repeat the same activities over and over, there is very little room for learning. When you choose to step into new activities and experiences, you are opening your Self up for great potentials of learning.

The Moon assists you with becoming aware of what you are choosing to “do”. Have you been presented with a new opportunity lately? Do you have a new desire to explore something new? Can you take one small step today to experience something new? Your personal growth is directly proportional to how open you are to changing up your routine and being very aware of seizing new opportunities. “Just do it!” is a great phrase to hold in mind. It’s all about experiencing and learning from your experiences. Be still now and then throughout the day and listen for the Moon’s guidance… she will point you in the right direction!

the Moon