A Miracle…
Peace and calm are the key words for today. Tomorrow is the new moon which is the initiation of a period of intense growth for the next three moon cycles. Take in the peacefulness and calm of today and the comfort of the Sun’s energy illuminating your Consciousness in preparation of the Spring moon cycles. You have germinated new potentials that will awaken within your Reality and unfold throughout the rest of the moon cycles of this year.

Hold in mind and reminisce with Neptune and Jupiter throughout the day. Have you developed a deeper relationship with them during this moon cycle? What have you experienced and learned from their influence? How has their qualities and characteristics influenced your understanding of your Self? Time for hugs, embracing and appreciating the aspects of your Consciousness they represent… expansion of your life direction and larger Purpose. Can you feel the anticipation of the birth of your potentials? That first breath will be a big one and you are ready. Remember… you are a miracle of Consciousness!

the Sun