Dust Bunnies!
As I began writing this Daily Nudge, the sun rose over the mountains and blasted my computer screen from behind through our trailer window! What an awesome morning it is! Another day of the Sun joining Neptune and Jupiter… how exciting! How did yesterday go with writing a paragraph about each aspect of your Self? Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Existential. When you held in mind the Existential aspect of your Self, how did you feel? What came to mind to be seen and heard? The existential aspect of your Self is your Higher Self and relationship with Higher Consciousness and Source. How aligned do you feel with this aspect of your Self?

In this moon cycle, as you have been working intimately with Neptune and Jupiter, you have been working with the Existential aspect of your Self that informs your life directives and larger understanding of your Purpose. Today, revisit what you wrote yesterday about your existential aspect… or write something about it today. This exercise of inquiry is exactly the opening the Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter love and will eagerly inform your insights. Have you had any interesting dreams lately? What were they about? Any thing in your dream that represents release, walking away, and moving on? This is the time to really bring those signs, insights, and impressions into your conscious awareness. The Sun is illuminating your Consciousness in new ways and Neptune and Jupiter are running around with a broom sweeping away the dust bunnies!

the Sun