Your life is very similar to a text book with chapters and exercises. In a class, you read a chapter, do the exercises, and then summarize what you have learned. Today, Saturn joins Neptune and Jupiter in the 3rd Quarter moon week for summarizing and assimilating what you have learned throughout this moon cycle. Take time today to review the situational exercises presented to you during this moon cycle and the insights you have experienced because of those situational exercises.

Saturn is the educational aspect of your Consciousness and assists you with assimilating meaning. Once you have opened your heart with Venus and assimilated a new vibration of your Self, which you did yesterday, you are now primed to bring that new vibration into a mental awareness and deeper knowing. You “feel” who you are, and you also “know” who you are. Saturn initiates the process of taking your understanding of your Self and bringing it to a deeper level of Knowing your Self. You are the expert of your experiences… and the only one who can truly Know you!