Feel it!
What you imagined yesterday as an expanded awareness of your Purpose will now become a new vibration within your experience of your Self as deeper meaning. This new vibrational experience establishes the foundation for your growth for the next moon cycle. Venus is joining Neptune and Jupiter today to open your heart (expansion) and allow this new vibration (vision) to be assimilated in all your cells and cellular memory (self-realization). Up until this time in this moon cycle, your new Self-expression was a thought/idea, then an actual active and relational experience, and now it becomes integrated into “You” and your mental awareness of “who” you are.

Yesterday we opened our mind and today we are opening our heart. Today, take time to check in with how you are feeling. Start simple. Is your overall feeling positive and expansive or do you feel constricted and down? Be honest with your Self and assess how you actually feel. Contrast is the greatest teacher. Bring your awareness to your heart. How does your heart feel? Is it open? Are you feeling affectionate with your Self and others? Today, try to hold your awareness within your heart, see what insights you may have about your Self, and how those insights feel. You are a Divine being, and today Venus provides you with the opportunity to experience the Divine within your Self… feel it!