Its another double whammy Jupiter Day! Jupiter is opening up your mind through your imagination which allows space for a new understanding of your Self to be incorporated. You may feel a little wobbly and disoriented at times during the day and that’s ok. Allow your mind to relax and your focus to loosen so that you may embrace Jupiter’s work of expansion. Can you feel any thoughts your mind is resisting to let go, and any resistance to opening up to Jupiter’s work? Make a mental note of these thoughts and consciously surrender them. Keep your mind as blank as possible during the day. The new understanding of your Self was defined with Mars & Mercury yesterday and now it is time for Jupiter to integrate your new understanding into the soil of your Consciousness. (similar to a plant decomposing back into the soil). Walk in the sunshine, find a great bench to people watch, take a drive, work in the garden, run some errands, or make a cup of tea and just be. It’s a day of mental integration which requires surrendering concentration and accomplishment on a practical level. Allow your imagination to do the work today and it will accomplishing great things!