The 3rd Quarter moon week is all about meaning, and assimilating new meaning into your Consciousness. For that to happen though, your Consciousness will need to restructure itself. You may experience a re-orientation of your perception of your Self and your beliefs. During this moon cycle, you have been exploring the deeper, more dimensional aspects of your Purpose which are practically expressed as your life direction. Where are you headed? What is meaningful to you? Are you following your passion(s)? What is your everyday intention? Does it go beyond fulfilling your own needs? Do you feel a desire to help others? Do you feel a desire to serve in a larger capacity with creating a better environment? There are no right answers to these questions, only what you feel and your awareness of how those deeper feelings are related to your Purpose. Now look at your lifestyle; what you do everyday and the choices you make. Does your lifestyle reflect your deeper feelings about your Purpose? Are you in alignment with your Purpose? What changes will need to be made in your mental construct (beliefs) to bring you into alignment. This is the work of Mars and Mercury who are fully present today. They are here to assist you with restructuring your mental construct and bring about the necessary changes to align to your Purpose… assimilate is the key word!

Mars & Mercury