Fresh and New!
Happy 3rd Quarter! And Happy Easter! Your Reflection and Awareness has a touch of rebirth to it today. The Moon is joining Neptune and Jupiter for a celebration of all things fresh and new. Are you feeling inspired today and experiencing a new perception of your Self taking hold within your mind? Does that come through as new excitement welling up within you? As we do spring cleaning in our home, we are also doing spring cleaning within our Consciousness. Bring all those blankets, sheets, and pillows outside into the sunshine. Shake them and let them air out in the spring breezes. The same thing is happening with our Consciousness. We are airing out the old beliefs and perceptions of our Self, allowing a fresh breeze to open us up, and bringing new life into who we are and our life direction. What an awesome feeling! Open your windows and air out your house today. Let the freshness of light and Love flow through all the aspects of your reality… its a brand new day!

the Moon