Today is the last day of this Full moon week and the Sun is joining Neptune and Jupiter for a day of concentration and illumination. Imagine your Self as a crystal that catches the light at certain times at the perfect angle, and a rainbow of color is thrown into the world. As this rainbow hits a wall or raindrops in the sky, it becomes visible. This is the time when the Sun is at the perfect angle, illuminating you, and allowing your rainbow to be visible. It provides the potential for you to become more aware of the colors of your new Self-expression. What color resonates with you today? Hold each color of the rainbow in mind and see how each feels. Your new Self-expression emanates a new intensity that may be experienced as a color. Your awareness provides the reflective surface that allows you to experience it. With Neptune and Jupiter present, your rainbow is even more intense and expanded which stokes the Sun’s excitement. I imagine the three of them as children playing with a magnifying glass, gathering the Sun’s rays and focusing it within the perfect aspect of your Consciousness; illuminating new life directives that will unfold throughout the rest of the year. My color is yellow and feels quite expansive… what is yours?

the Sun