Coffee or Tea?
Where did your imagination take you yesterday? Those thoughts, ideas, images, and impressions will be instrumental today with opening your heart, and potential insights into your Purpose and new life directions. Venus and Saturn join Neptune and Jupiter today to bring together your new Self-expression in a way that opens you up to a new understanding of your Self. Why are you here experiencing humanness? What have you learned so far in your life that is instrumental with helping others understand themselves? Are you stepping out in Truth and serving Higher Consciousness in a way that touches others? What relationships have you been presented within the last few days? These are the questions that Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter would be asking you if you all met for a cup of coffee this morning. Take time today to consider how the conversation would go. Each of them are ultimately aspects of your Self surfacing to bring about insight and change. Are you ready for adjusting your direction that is more aligned with your Purpose? I feel a tea latte is in my future today. Saturn prefers coffee, Venus and Neptune are tea lovers, and Jupiter went for the milkshake… not surprising!

Venus & Saturn