Stepping Out!
It’s a party today! We have Mars and Mercury joining Neptune and Jupiter for an active day of Play. This moon week is all about relationships and bringing your new Self-expression forward through your interactions with others. How does this work? Your new Self-expression is similar to a new coat and you are stepping out today to see how it feels as you interact with others. You may experience your Self responding more spontaneously with new words and a new language. Just go with it and see what happens! Play with others! The theme with this new Self-expression is the expansion of your Purpose. You may encounter someone who inquires about the deeper meaning or direction you are going with your life. Can you answer that question as you read this? That’s what Mars, Mercury, Neptune, and Jupiter are assisting you with: Awakening your Conscious Activity, experiencing the Link between Spirit & Mind, and expanding your awareness about your Purpose. Step out today and show off your new coat!

Mars & Mercury