Deeper Dive!
Today is the third day of the Moon’s influence during this moon week, with Reflection and Awareness as the key words. How much Reflection and Awareness can you do? What would happen if you took five minutes everyday to look in the mirror, and you were really determined to study what you saw? That may make you slightly uncomfortable to stare at your Self that much. The same is true with Self inquiry. This last day of Reflection and Awareness of this moon week is asking you to dive a little deeper than you normally would even if it is a little uncomfortable. Neptune and Jupiter are assisting you with exploring new aspects of your Purpose and your perception of your Self. You may have a definition of “who” you are in your mind. Most likely during these first three moon cycles of this year you have been presented with new potential expressions of your Self that don’t directly fit the “who” you hold in mind. With any type of training, you nudge your Self slightly further each time, doing a few more pushups, or holding a yoga pose slightly longer. Reflection and Awareness is no different. Nudge your Self to take a deeper dive today. Sit quietly for five minutes. Allow your imagination to bring to you what wants to be see from within!

the Moon