As we drove home late last night, over the pass from Breckenridge to our cabin, we were amazed at how the full moon illimated the snowy landscapes. What usually is held in darkness and hidden beyond the small frame of our headlights, was fully illuminated by the moon in all its glory! Everything seemed to glow with a mystical radiance. Every small crystal of snow was accentuated and brought to life in the moonlight. The Full Moon week is a time of illumination and your new self-expression of this moon cycle is radiating. What was once held as a subconscious seed has been fully nurtured and progagated. Neptune and Jupiter have influenced your growth this moon cycle with bringing the deeper aspects of your Purpose into the light. Refelction and awareness are the key words for today and tomorrow. It is that time again to look in the mirror and ask, Who am I? That is the role of the moon to reflect back to you the sunlight, your Self-expression, so that you may see your reflection and become more aware of “who” you are. You are fully illuminated and open to embrace what is reflected back to you… what do you see?

the Moon