Happy Full Moon!
How do you feel? What new Self-expression are you experiencing today? Can you feel any new aspects of your Self trying to come through, establish themselves, and be seen? This is a day of celebration with the Moon, Neptune, and Jupiter! We are starting the Receptive half of the moon cycle where we assimilate what has been grown during the first half of this moon cycle. How have you expanded (Jupiter) your awareness (Moon) with your Purpose (Neptune)? You may feel a little uncomfortable for the next few days while you become comfortable with your new expression and deeper awareness of your Purpose. Take time to just be, allow your new awareness to settle in, and give your Self a big hug of appreciation. This is a time to look within and see the center of your beautiful flower of expression. In the center of every bloom is a whole inner world and this is a time when we can peek inward and see that inner world with clarity. Clarity on this level may come with some trepidation with what the future holds. No worries! We have the rest of the year for that to unfold. This Full Moon is the foreshadowing of our new direction and growth. Embrace it and stand tall… you are ready for what is ahead!

the Moon