Now that you have sharpened your pencil and you are sitting back at your desk with your blank piece of paper, what do you imagine? How have you been illuminated this last moon week? What activities have brought forth new experiences of your Self? What do those new experiences inform you about your Purpose? The Sun plays a huge part in growth and sustainment. It emanates the light energy that flows through all things and activates the action of new cell development. Your relationship with this light energy is significant with your growth and the development of new Self-expressions each moon cycle which spans over your entire life experience. On a plant, we witness the sprout of a new leaf. Within Consciousness, your growth is not so obvious until you bring your awareness to your experience of your Self. Today is the day that you bring your awareness to the dynamics of the first half of the moon cycle and what has developed within you. Can you feel the sprout of your Consciousness coming through? It’s there… look within!

the Sun