We are coming to the close of this moon week and the Full Moon is just around the corner, Sunday. We have two days of the Sun’s influence which refines the Self-expression we will experience on the Full Moon. Refinement is the key word. The analogy I love is that of sharpening your pencil after you have used it and it has become dull. Do you remember when you were young (this definitely dates me), and you had to take the initiative to get up from your desk in class, walk across the room in front of everyone, and use the pencil sharpener . It took courage and intention. The dull, mushy expression of the unsharpened pencil was no longer acceptable to you. You desired the sharp crisp refinement of the sharpened pencil. These days of the Sun’s influence, especially this moon week, are those days that you intentionally get up, walk across the class room, and use the sharpener. The sharpener is available and ready for you to use if you take the initiative to get up and walk across the room. Grinding off all the extra wood within your consciousness to expose the new lead, your new Self-expression, and allow that new lead to come to a point is single pointed awareness. It is the intention of readiness to begin with a fresh pencil and piece of paper. Take some time today to literally find a pencil and sharpen it, and bring that experience into your awareness on a practical level. Your intention and single pointed awareness is the sharpened pencil, and your new Self-expression is the clean, blank, piece of paper… what do you imagine that you would like to draw?! to know!

the Sun