How did it go yesterday with stepping back and taking more time to check in with your feelings? Did you feel the peace of being in the moment? Today Saturn is fully present to assist you with assimilating your experiences of opening your heart in a way that expands your awareness with new insights about your Self, Purpose, and what you are learning. What activities did you do yesterday? Did you have any ah ha moments when you checked in with your feelings during those activities? Everything is meaningful and everything is ultimately moving you forward to a deeper understanding of your Self. Neptune and Jupiter are having a cup of coffee with Saturn this morning, which expands your awareness of what you learning about your Purpose. Today has a ton of potential for understanding what you are learning and really getting a sense of the underlying meaning within your activities. Nothing is random. You are on an amazing learning adventure… take hold of the rudder and steer (inquire) in the direction of what you would like to know!