What did you experience yesterday? Did insights about your Purpose come into your awareness? Sometimes we expect huge revelations to come crashing through when we are working with Neptune and our Purpose. Actually, the insights may be small, subtle, and intriguing. Intriguing? Yes, things that spark our interest and we may wonder “What was that?” or “That was weird.” It is those moments that are the opening for further inquiry. Mars and Mercury are coming together today to actively awaken you to exploring the experiences you may otherwise set aside. Those things may hold some subtle insight into what you are passionate about on a deeper level. Review the activities you intend to do today? Are they things you “should” do or things that “resonate” with you, and you feel inspired and fulfilled in doing? Take an important step today and make sure you do at least one thing that you are passionate about. Allow your Self to be nurtured with a fulfilling activity of choice. Active awareness… unfold your passions and desires!

Mars & Mercury