Happy Spring Equinox! We are moving into the Spring season when we experience more daylight than darkness during the twenty-four hour cycle of a day, as we move toward the Summer Solstice. More illumination! More energy! Growth and action! Yeah! The Sun is fully present today with Neptune and Jupiter to usher in this transition and illuminate it with Love and Light. Concentration and Illumination are the key words for today. How is your Purpose being illuminated to you? What did you experience yesterday? Was there something unusual and are you listening to the things being presented to you? This is a powerful moment in the year and moon cycle where Higher Consciousness is speaking to you through your thoughts, ideas, and experiences, and presenting to you the learning potentials that will awaken into your Conscious activity throughout the Spring season; you are forming, growing, a new Self-expression! Can you feel the sense of excitement of birthing this new Self-expression… bursting through the crust of the soil, and experiencing the first rays of light and energy from the Sun! It can feel exciting, vulnerable, and overwhelming at the same time. Many things to absorb and digest. You have prepared for this during the Winter season and you have all that you need to begin your new experience above ground in the world… stand tall, you are ready for growth and action!

the Sun