Venus and Saturn are joining Neptune and Jupiter today for an super powered day of feeling and learning on a practical level, and then expanding your awareness of how those practical experiences are related to your larger purpose through imagination. Wow! It’s going to be a dimensional day! What’s the best way to embrace today?

(1) Loosen your grip on your focus and your desire of fulfilling your own established agenda for today. Neptune and Jupiter have a larger agenda for you with expanding your perspective of the meaning in your life. When you hold your focus tight and adhere to “what you want to get done”, you will experience frustration. Today involves Venus, and whenever Venus is present “love is in the air”… it’s all about the heart rather than the mind. Saturn works with your feelings and brings them into a productive form… but not the form you intellectually expect.

(2) Keep an open mind. Allow new associations and connections to be shown to you. How you thought A and B and C go together will most likely be put together in a new way. This is the adventurous part that involves your imagination!

(3) Embrace your vulnerability and try not to get lost in it. Purpose is a core aspect of your sense of Self and when you are working with this core aspect you may feel vulnerable in new ways. Fears may surface that are surprising and out of the ordinary. Compassion and tenderness are key words for today.

Remember it’s a party… mingle, check out the hors devours table, and have fun!

Venus & Saturn